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Causes of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems are usually caused by the continuously changing soil conditions around your building. This happens because soil expands when it absorbs moisture and contracts as it dries. The process of expanding and contracting causes foundations to move, settle, and crack. This is especially true during dry periods or heavy rains. Tress and large plants can also cause damage as they drink up moisture and dry out the soil under your home. Too much soil moisture due to inadequate drainage is yet another source of foundation problems. Any or all of these factors can also cause doors and windows to stick. And create cracks in drywall and brick among other problems; all resulting in the potential for significant damage to your home. We can repair these problems by leveling and/ or “shoring” your home or building’s foundation and we can do it with a lifetime transferrable warranty.

Just a quick some areas of Louisiana the term " shoring" is used by locals interchangeably with "foundation repair," and "foundation leveling."

Identify Problems

There are 4 primary ways you can spot problems with your home's foundation:

1) Cracks in exterior and interior walls, especially near doors, windows and ceilings
2) Doors that stick, or won't stay shut
3) Uneven floors...If you set down a ball, does it stay in place, or roll away?
4) Windows start to stick or will not completely shut

If any of these apply to your home, contact us and we'll inspect your home and provide an estimate, free of charge.

What You Should Do

The best thing you can do if you believe your home has a foundation issue is to get in touch with our company. Let us begin with a thorough inspection of your home’s foundation. This allows us to see what needs to be repaired and to give you a free estimate for an affordable way to correct the issue. Our experts always arrive on time and are easily identifiable as well as professional. We value your time as much as we do our own, so we’ll get to work just after we’ve introduced ourselves.

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