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The Process

The Cable Lock Installation process is designed to be easy on you and your home. The process is quick, clean and safe. Expect professional, courteous service provided by experienced, supervised crews who are dedicated to getting everything done right the first time. Every Cable Lock installation lasts a lifetime - it's backed by a lifetime transferrable warranty from Cable Lock Foundation Repair. Areas repaired with the Cable Lock System are covered against future settlement forever. Technology, experience, a proven process and our warranty are what make Cable Lock the industry leaders.

In most cases the entire process, from start to finish, only takes one to three days, yet it comes with a warranty that last a lifetime.


We will relocate any plants from the work area. We then create access holes by hand. The holes are about the size of a common door mat.

For your safety, heavy plywood covers are placed over each hole as we complete this phase of the job. Unless your job requires interior pilings no access to the inside of the home is required at this time.


The next step is the "driving" of the pilings. It will be necessary to have access to several electrical outlets (4 or 5) during this operation. They need to be on separate circuits, so access to the inside of the house will be needed at this time.

The Cable-Anchors or Spiral Lock Starter Segments are pressed into the ground at each pre-determined location and subsequent piling segments (with the cable through the center of each) or Cable Lock Spiral Cylinders (with the Cable through the center of each) are driven to the required depth and resistance. A pile head is then positioned on top of the last pile segment and the cable is LOCKED into place. Concrete blocks are then placed on top of the piling cap directly under the bottom of the foundation. We are now ready for the final phase.


Next we raise the slab stabilizing the home. An experienced Cable Lock technician directs the stabilization while trained personnel are carefully monitoring the reactions of the structure.

Upon completion, steel spacers are inserted on concrete blocks to support the building. The top portions of the holes are then refilled with soil and any surface concrete breakthroughs are replaced. Plants are replanted and the work areas, walks and driveway are cleaned.

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