Foundation Leveling

What is Foundation Leveling?

The term “foundation leveling” refers to the process of leveling an uneven concrete slab, crawl space or basement foundation to a satisfactory elevation. Foundation leveling can be accomplished using a wide-variety of different foundation repair methods.

Identify Problems

Foundation problems are not uncommon in homes across the United States. Foundation movement can occur. A foundation that heaves upward or settles downward may need repair. Foundation leveling can fix the problems in many cases.

A home’s foundation may shift because there are problematic soil conditions, compromised structural integrity in the footings or piers, under-slab plumbing leaks, tree root intrusion or inadequate drainage. These issues must be addressed before foundation or house leveling is performed.


Intrusive tree roots also absorb large amounts of water from soil under the foundation. When this happens, the soil dries and shrinks. This loss of moisture (and resulting soil shrinkage) can cause one part of the foundation to move more than the other parts—differential movement. With differential movement, foundation cracks may look like stairs or steps or as diagonal cracks. Differential movement often is responsible for more structural damage than other types of shifting. Foundation cracks can appear on exterior or interior walls and floors.

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